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Starfield: Performance Insights on a 3800x + 2080ti PC Build

Anticipation for Bethesda's new sci-fi RPG, Starfield, is reaching new heights within the gaming community, and recent rumors are only fanning the flames. Preliminary performance data has surfaced for the game running on a PC build with a 3800x + 2080ti configuration.


According to the information:

  • Average FPS at 1440p resolution: 45-60 frames per second.
  • Inside dungeons and open space environments: 60-70 frames per second.

This suggests that Starfield might be well-optimized for high-end systems, ensuring smooth gameplay on the mentioned hardware setup. Users will also be pleased to note the complete absence of stutters or frame drops, promising an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Of course, like all rumors, this information awaits confirmation. But if true, it spells good news for those hoping to enjoy the game at peak settings.

However, until Bethesda officially confirms this data, it's advisable to take these rumors with a grain of caution.