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The shooter "Witchfire" made its debut in early access


The Astronauts studio is gearing up for the full release of their roguelite shooter, "Witchfire", across various gaming platforms. At present, the game is exclusively available on PC via the Epic Games Store. However, the developers have confirmed plans to expand the list of platforms, including gaming consoles.

According to preliminary data, "Witchfire" will be in early access for roughly 12 to 16 months. During this period, the team promises to actively work on improving the game, adding new levels, enemies, and weapons. The Astronauts place particular emphasis on player feedback, aiming to tailor the game to their desires as much as possible.

The core gameplay of "Witchfire" revolves around battling witches in a dark, fantasy world. Players will control "sinners" - immortal witch hunters who utilize both firearms and magic. A unique feature of the game is that, upon death, the character loses their items and "witch fire", which serves as the game's currency for improving hero traits.

The developers aim to provide players with a deep exploration experience, offering several extensive locations filled with various enemies, bosses, and treasures.