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"The Invincible": Expectations vs. Reality

"The Invincible", a game based on Stanislaw Lem's novel, generated interest among sci-fi enthusiasts but failed to achieve expected commercial success. Developed by Starward Industries and published by 11 bit studios, the game attracted attention for its unique approach and atmosphere inspired by the famous novel.

The Invincible

Despite positive Steam reviews, where it received over 800 reviews with 90% positivity, its first-week sales only reached 3.2 million zlotys (~$790,000), significantly less than the projected budget of $4-4.5 million. This highlights the gap between critical acclaim and commercial success.

The project might have faced challenges in attracting an audience due to competition and high expectations associated with adapting a renowned literary work. "The Invincible" remains an example of the unpredictability of success in the ever-changing world of video games.